Microsoft Office Excel Viewer

Microsoft Office Excel Viewer

Viewer of books and files created on Excel versions from 97 to 2007
The product is discontinued by the developer
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It’s more than likely than at least once, you had problems to finish your work because you couldn’t open data files that someone else shared with you, or that you got from some web site. Either because you don’t have the software, or because you have an older version of it, you have had problems to access the data just when you needed it. Even when Office suite is frequently used by many people, it can happen that you don’t have all the programs installed, since some of them are rarely used.
If you’re one of those who, for instance, don’t have Microsoft Excel available in their computer, you don’t have to worry because with Microsoft Excel Viewer you’ll have the possibility to access to all the files created with Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97. That is to say, you’ll be able to open xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xltx, xltm, xls, xlt, xlm and xlw files.
As its name indicates, this program is a viewer, so it’ll allow you to see the files, configure the printing, and print them, but it won’t allow you to edit the files created by Excel. However, here we comment some of the tools that you’ll be able to use to search and extract, in a fast and easy manner, the information you need from the visualized file:
Copy: you’ll be able to select the cells or area of the file you wish to extract, and copy and paste it in another program that recognizes this kind of data. For example, if you copy data from Excel to Word, it’ll recognize it as a table.
Search: you’ll be able to search words, phrases or figures in the whole book or in the sheets that you specify. Likewise, you’ll be able to perform searches by rows and columns, including values and comments, with exact match or not, etc.
Go To: you’ll be able to search and select certain parts of your document, according to a criterion that you’ll be able to introduce from the Go To Special window, for example: comments, constants, blanks, current region, current array, objects, row differences, column differences, last cell, visible cells only, conditional formats, data validation.
Print: you’ll be able to configure the print areas, margins, pages and characteristics of them, as well as preview to check the printing settings.
This version of Excel Viewer runs on Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP, and replaces to Excel Viewer 97 and all former versions.

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Review summary


  • Visualizes all kind of files and books versions created with Excel
  • It allows searches and filters for data according to their classification
  • It allows extracting data


  • It’s larger than other similar viewers
  • It doesn’t run on previous Windows versions than Server 2003
  • Some functions of Excel 2003 are not available in this program, for example: opening chart files, arranging windows, freezing panes, filtering data and resizing of rows and columns
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